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HomeGoods Hacks!

1. Download the HomeGoods App! - You can shop what is at your local store in real time! If you see something you like but can’t make it to the store quickly, you can call to reserve it.

2. Mid Week/Mid Day Success! - Shop in the middle of the week and later in the afternoon if possible. Last time I was at HomeGoods, I asked an employee when they stock the shelves. She said they usually get shipments every other day and stock first thing in the morning so everything can be on the shelves by noon. Because the weekends are extremely crowded, Tuesdays through Thursdays make for the most pleasant, fully stocked shelf experience.

3. No Paper Trail Needed! - When you check out, input your email address to get an “e-receipt”. This makes it so much easier to return items without having to keep up with the paper receipt! Per the HomeGoods website, you can return an item in 30 days for your money back, but without a receipt you will only get back the value the item is marked as at the time of return. So if something had been marked down, you will get less money back than what you originally paid. With the receipt, you will get a full refund!

4. Once it’s gone, its gone for good! - My method is to do one lap through, putting anything that interests me in my basket. Once I found everything I like, I look at it all and decide what to keep and what to put back. A few times I passed up an item and when I went back before checking out, it was gone!

5. Be Bold! - If the item you love is damaged, ask for a discount!

Some of my favorite things to purchase from HomeGoods are candles, holiday decor, frames, curtains, and even furniture! See the attached photos for some examples from my home.

Happy Shopping!

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